How to Choose a Professional Cleaner

1. Ask people you know if they have a recommendation. Your friends won't recommend a firm that did poor work.

2. Ask people in related fields for referrals. (Interior design firms, flooring contractors etc.) Be aware that some carpet retailers have "kickback" deals from firms that pay them for their referrals.

3. Ask the cleaning contractor the following questions:

  • Do they belong to any professional organizations?
    Associations such as the CCINW and the ASCR hold their members to high standards. New members quickly learn the long-term value of honest business practices. (Note: The IICRC provides training certification and is not a professional cleaner's association.)

  • How long they have been in business?
    Although people new to the industry can do quality work, there is an advantage to having some experience.

  • Do they guarantee their work?
    While no one can promise to remove every stain, experienced professionals can pre-qualify what can be done and explain why.

  • Can they provide referrals?
    If the company has not been recommended to you, take a few minutes to call for referrals.

  • Do they have a printed price list?
    The contractor you choose should be able to tell you how they price their service and give you that price before any work is done. The exception is restoration work, where the full extent of damage is often hidden until some work has been completed. Unscrupulous companies may quote a low price to get in the door, then pressure sell additional, often unneeded products or services. Often their finished price will be far higher than other companies.

    4. Judge them on their appearance. Professionals look and act like professionals. If you are uncomfortable with them, send them away - after all, it's your residence or place of business.