British Columbia Cleaners

Our Carpet Cleaners of the Northwest member businesses do everything from large commercial and industrial jobs to small residential work. You are just a click away from finding the names of CCINW members that you can trust to give you the most competitive bid and do the job right.

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Aero Carpet Services Ltd.
Jamie Lovell
8258 St. George Street
Vancouver, BC V5X 3S5
Ph: (604) 321-7440
Fax: (604) 321-7422
Email: aerocs [at]

Alpha Carpet Cleaning Ltd.
Andrew Littlejohn
7728 128 St., Unit 208
Surrey, BC V3W 1L3, Canada
Ph: (778) 881-5613
Email: andrew [at]

Aquamist Carpet Care Ltd.
Dennis Howard
6-755 Vanalman Ave.
Victoria, BC V8Z 3B8
Ph: (250) 708-0091
Fax: (250) 708-0092
Email: dh [at]

Avenue Restoration Services, Ltd.
George Korecki
130-3751 Jacombs Road
Richmond, BC V7C 2R1
Ph: (604) 244-7484
Fax: (604) 295-5771
Email: info [at]

Diamond T Enterprises
Tom Slattery
32017 Mt. Tolmie
Victoria, BC V8P 5S2
Ph: (250) 883-6526
Fax: (250) 920-7654
Email: diamondt [at]
Web: -

Planet Green
Mike Elias
406 - 1485 Coast Meridian Rd.
Port Coquitlam, BC V5X 2R1
Ph: (604) 327-1101
Fax: (604) 945-9635
Email: maelias [at]

Planet Green - Victoria
Jim Thomas
3311 Oak Street
Victoria, BC
V8X 1P9
Ph: (250) 475-2443
Fax: (250) 475-2463
Email: infovictoria [at]

R. S. Restoration
Roy Abrams
786-A Fairview Rd
Victoria, BC V9A 5V1
Ph: (250) 383-0030
Fax: (250) 383-0052
Email: info [at]

Sani-Tech Services, LTD.
Peter Eckert
434 Goward Road
Victoria, BC V8X 4M6
Ph: (250) 744-2004

UGL Services – Unicco Operations
Sat Bisla
4595 Canada Way Suite 101
Burnaby, BC V5G 1J9
Ph: (604) 682-4442
Fax: (604)  682-4662

Note: email addresses can be copy/pasted and @ substituting [at]